Hawaiian Island Enterprises
Wants to Partner with Your Company!

  • Hawaiian Island Enterprises is a Trusted Brand
  • Worldwide Advertising and Social Media Presence
  • We have (2) Affiliate Programs to choose from
  • Earn Up to 9% Commissions for all products
  • Earn up to 20% Booking Commissions Indefinitely!
  • No Sign-Up Cost and No Minimum Quotas
  • High Conversion Rate to Successful bookings
  • Long Cookies Tracking Duration
  • eNotifications & Online Commissions Reports
  • Bi-Monthly Payments for all completed trips

To be a certified Affiliate partner of Hawaiian Island Enterprises, you must First fill out the form below including agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.  Second, you must have a working website that can be linked to a Hawaiian Island Enterprises website address. After providing us with the information below, you will receive a confirmation “Welcome to the Team” email from Hawaiian Island Enterprises. Please click on the “Confirm Email” button to complete the Affiliate Onboarding process. You will now be granted access to your secure web portal account where you can make updates and changes to your profile, as well as see all of your activity and commissions.

How it works (LOGO)?

Somewhere within your company website you will have one of our individual company logos or our Hawaiian Island Enterprises Corporate logo that is a “hot” URL link line that connects your originating website users to our website.

If a user comes to any of our Hawaiian Island Enterprise websites from your website, and that user makes a booking for one of our offered activities, we will pay your company a fixed commission (see commissions schedule) when the activity has completed. Also, to be clear, any originating user visiting our site from yours, at any time in the future, will also generate and pay out commissions to your company. There is no limit to the amount of ongoing commissions that an Affiliate can receive.

HMF leaves the website placement of our logo completely up to our Affiliates, as Affiliate commissions are only paid out on Hawaiian Island Enterprises booking activity that originated from your website. It only makes sense that you would choose the most optimal/ best location within your own website to generate commissions from our program.

How does it work (Trip Booking Windows)?

This is for Affiliate Partners that wish to offer Hawaiian Activities “Trip Booking Windows” on their websites, and receive 20% sales commissions from us for all booked trips. Yes, 20%! Its that simple. We also DO NOT CHARGE “Transactional Processing” fees. As reference, please visit our partner www.BigIslandFlow.com website. In the “Adventures” section of our partner’s website you will find (5) Big Island Activities Windows that Jeff wishes to offer to his online visitors. When any of his visiting users clicks on any of these Activities/ Trip Windows our integrated HIE Booking Windows allow his online visitors to book any Ocean or Island Activity on the Island of Hawaii. For every activity booking that Big Island Flow generates through these booking windows, they are being paid 20% of HIEs booking profits. Our booking windows are easy to use, quick, mobile friendly and you won’t have to do anything.

When are Commissions Paid?
  • Affiliate Commissions are paid out on a bi-monthly basis for all “Completed” trips.
  • A completed trip means that the scheduled trip time has elapsed and the customer has been charged for all services.
  • Hawaiian Island Enterprise commissions are automated and we provide you with real time activity reporting and commissions visibility in the Affiliate Portal. You have the option to receive your earned commissions through your PayPal account or by a company issued check. If you generate more than $650 in commissions in a single year, Hawaiian Island Enterprises will need to issue your company a 1099 at the end of that fiscal year.