Top Snorkel Tips

Rent Quality Gear
Don't Rent at the Beach
Snorkel with a Buddy
You Shouldn't Smile. In fact, Don't do it!
Never Turn your back on the Ocean
Diving Down Safety
Avoid Large Surf
Respect the Coral and Sea Life
Pick the Right Time to Go Snorkeling
Snorkel with Good Visibility
Check Your Surroundings
Check the Weather
Ocean Currents & Rip Tides
Most Marine Life will Congregate around a Structure
Swim Parallel to Fish to get Closer
Stay Close to Beach
Stay Relaxed, Learn to Float & Avoid Exhaustion
Hold your Spit
Use Waterproof Sunscreen
Does and Don't with Child Safety
Bring a Cooler with You to the Beach
Avoid Alcohol & Use Common Sense
Don't Be a Litterbug
Most Importantly... Have Fun!