Snorkeling Rash Guards, Less Sunscreen, Better Sun Protection

We wear snorkeling rash guards every time we snorkel. The number one reason is that we don't have to slather sunscreen on our arms and backs every time we get in the water. Rash guards work better than sunscreen and we never get burned accidentally because we missed a spot. They also provide a little warmth and protection from jellyfish stings.

Snorkeling rash guards are made of Lycra, which is stretchy and comfortable. They come in different weights and thicker ones will be warmer. The better ones have an SPF rating on their fabric, normally about 50. They dry quickly and can be washed in a machine.

Long Sleeved
Snorkeling Rash Guards

Because we primarily wear them for sun protection, we wear long-sleeved snorkeling rash guards. It is also nice if it has a high collar to protect the neck a little too. Here is a men's rash guard and a women's rash guard like we use.

For women, we also recommend the Haute Mini, which is like a long sleeved swimsuit, by Slipins (note the discount code below). This style guarantees your rash guard will not ride up so you get a burned low back. We prefer the Haute Mini over the Zippered Mini because of fit. They both have great hand coverage with a thumb hole. But the Haute Mini has a nice collar that adds some sun protection for your neck, and a lower cut on the thighs. You could wear this alone, but Nicole wears shorts over it to protect her backside from the sun, as in the picture above.

Loose Fit Snorkeling
Rash Guards

Instead of the skin tight options above, you can also opt for a loose fit rash guard. You can get them for both menand women. The good things about these are that they are a bit more modest, and they are easier to get on and off. But, some people don't like them as much because they have a greater chance of riding up, leading to sunburns on the low back. And if you are in the water a long time the extra fabric can lead to some skin chafing.