When you snorkel in the ocean most of your spent energy will be through your legs as you motor around, going form here to there, checking out all of the underwater scenery.  Your Snorkeling fins will make sure that you expend your energy wisely, and efficiently, as you cruise through the water faster and easier.

When you start to look around and shop a little for your gear, you will quickly find that their are many varieties and types of snorkleling fins.  No wonder when it comes to purchasing a pair there’s so much confusion. Let us help you.  

What ever you do, DON'T get sidetracked by all the technology gadgets and hooplah.  Underwater Cameras' can be cool, but for the typical snorkeler, it doesn't matter.  

When it comes to casual snorkeling around the Hawaiian Islands..."Comfort is King"

With that statement in the forefront of your mind, below is some basic information on what to look for, or just as importantly what you should try to avoid, when you are choosing a pair of snorkeling fins:

Always try on your fins before you buy or rent them
Snorkeling Fins should be snug but never tight to the point where your foot is squished laterally
Full foot pocket or strap?
Insider Tip: 

Please enjoy our wonderful snorkeling beaches and underwater adventures while you are here in Hawaii.