HMF will be offering you and your business Private charter boat fishing trips sold at the same price per trip that you are currently charging.  Let us help you keep your boat booked and making money. 

There is no cost and it's totally FREE to have a boat profile and listing on our website. There are no monthly or annual fees. We carry all of the advertising, marketing, software costs to generate the fishing trips.

We do not control your money! HMF only charges the customer for your required Trip Deposit Fee.  You/ the Boats will be charging the customer directly for the remaining trip balance, on the actual day of the trip, just like business as usual.  Your Cancellation Policy is guaranteed to protect you as it is Agreed upon and becomes binding upon the customer as soon as they book the trip on our website.

Automated eBooking System for both Private Charters and for Shared Fishing Trips. HMFs online eBooking system is dynamic, its real time and responsive. It processes bookings, provides SMS messaging, it integrates with calendars, and it communicates in real time with the Anglers and the boat captain. Our real time technologies and Mobile applications (iOS & Android) provides value added services to both our paying customers and our fleet of charter boats. HMF makes the booking process easy and we provide tremendous additional value to our members.

HMF is the only company that has developed a proprietary Shared Fishing Trip Software that builds multiple shared trips and communicates in real time with the anglers via automated mobile and email correspondence. HMFs Shared Boat Trips can easily pay upwards of 25-30% MORE TO THE BOATS than you are currently receiving.

Our community is a true “shared angler consortium” and optimized for harbor wide member success.   Not only does HMF provide shared anglers to our Boat Members to help them build their own shared trips, HMF will also purchase anglers from our Fleet of Boats to finish or complete a trip within our platform. Together, we are helping more Hawaiian vacationers go fishing!

Hawaii Marlin Fishing will also help book your boat for the Tournament Season as we offer a complete Tournament Profile Pages and booking information within our website.  We will also be advertising and soliciting your services and tournament availability worldwide on our sister website  

Build your reputation, brand and company profile by earning Customer Reviews from the guests. You can also build your HMF profile status by providing more pictures of your boat or even a video. The HMF Boat Member profiles allow our members to showcase all boats amenities and offerings.

HMFs Boat Membership Standards create the most exclusive, respected, professional, experienced and value driven community of captains and their boats. HMF does not accept every boat as a member to the platform. The boats must be approved by HMF so that we continue to provide the highest customer service value to the angler, and at the same time continue to generate the most amount of boat revenues for our Members.  HMF tries to match market demand to Fleet Capacity. 

HMF is the only company that has built a Secure and “Completely Optional” Captains Portal (web & mobile) for complete operational and financial charter boat business management. Besides managing your entire Dashboard and Administrative rights, as well as optimizing your Boat Profile, you may also choose to utilize our HMF Repair and Maintenance Model, Boat Scheduling/ Direct Bookings, Trip & Expense Management, Calendars, Credit Card Payment integrations, Accounting Solutions, GPS, Tidal and Weather Widgets, Species Profiles, Maps, Restricted Areas, FAD Coordinates, Messaging, and many other Additional features, functionality and tools on your Secure Portal Dashboard.

If your boat does Snorkeling Trips, Scuba Diving, Dolphin & Whale Watching Trips or Sunset Cruises, then all you have to do is click the “yes” box in your Boat Profile and provide us with your company’s schedule and pricing. HMF specializes in Big Game Fishing Trips, however these “Other Offered Ocean Trips” provide just another value added service from HMF that brings more money making opportunities for your boat.  

HMFs Customer support team is always available 7-days per week. You can reach a HMF Representative by calling them directly, sending an email or live chatting with us online through your computer or mobile device