Wear Glasses?  You have options, see below...

We get a good number of folks asking us about a prescription snorkel mask. What do you do if you wear glasses?

In particular nobody really wants to spend the large $250+ investment that a custom RX mask costs.

Fortunately there are some corrected lens mask options for less than a $100. Here we will explain all your options, give you some ideas of prices, and point you to some good resources for where to get what you need.

First, just let me say that if you wear glasses, you really do need to find a solution that is going to work. Because the underwater world is just too beautiful to miss.

Second, we highly recommend that you reconsider contact lenses over a prescription snorkel mask. We believe contacts to be the very best solution, and we will go into all the reasons below.

But for now, let's assume you are set on getting a prescription snorkel mask. So what are your options?

Let's start with the more expensive and custom options.

Option #1 Bonded Corrective Lenses
Option #2 Custom Prescription Lenses
#3 Drop In Lens Mask
Choosing Your Prescription
Rent a Prescription Snorkeling Mask
Our Top Suggestion - Wear Contact Lenses
Some Misconceptions About Contacts & Snorkeling
You can also choose to just wear your glasses inside your mask