What is snorkeling?
Is Snorkeling Safe?
What skills do I need?
What kind of snorkeling equipment do I need?
Can I wear contacts or glasses while snorkeling?
How do I properly take care of my snorkeling set?
How long is the typical rental period for snorkeling equipment?
If I wear contacts should I be really concerned about leaks?
What types of vessels are used for the Snorkeling trips?
Do the boats have shade?
How do tourist customers, get back into the boat after they have been in the water?
Where will be the best and safest place for me to try snorkeling?
Is there ever a problem with availability?
I wear a woman’s size 8 shoe and my husband wears a man’s size 10, what size fins do we need?
Can you please tell me about your package deals and weekly rates?
Should I book my tour in advance?
How long does it usually take for us to get a response to our request for a snorkeling tour?
Do the Activity Providers have life vests for everybody on board?
I am a weak swimmer and have never snorkeled before... Can I still do a snorkeling tour?
What is the difference between a Regular Tour and a Private Tour?
Who is a Regular Tourist and Who is a Cruise Tourist?
Do you have underwater camera for rent, for use on tour?
Do we book Captain Cook, Molokini Crater & Napali Coast Snorkeling Tours?
What are the currency types accepted?
What should I bring for my tour?
Cruise Ship Tourists must pay a non-refundable deposit for their Private Tour?