Snorkeling Etiquette - The Do No Harm List

Snorkeling etiquette is a simple set of rules you follow to avoid harming sea life, yourself and equipment in the process. Really this is very easy to do.

Don't be one of those harmful unaware people that make us cringe, banging into coral with their fins, or standing on it. Or someone who assumes that it is OK to pick up a shell, and dies for it.

If you become aware of how beautiful the underwater world is, you will naturally want to do no harm when you are snorkeling.

Etiquette Tip #1: Don't Touch Coral!
Etiquette Tip #2:Don't Touch Anything - It Could Be Deadly
Etiquette Tip #3:Don't Harass Sea Life - Like Fish & Turtles
Etiquette Tip #4: Don't Feed Fish
Etiquette Tip #5:Use A Great Biodegradable Sunscreen

Do Not Stand or Sit on Reef!